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The Inherent Treatment Plan of Life - applying principles of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Updated: May 3

One of the things that drew me to learn Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy was the idea that there is an Inherent Treatment Plan within each body that a practitioner can learn to follow. As someone who prefers highly collaborative care providers, I fell in love-at-first-sound with this concept that the “healer” doesn’t decide what is needed, rather the client’s system tells and shows what is needed in the moment. Bodies are complex and inherently wise. And healing is a relational process. So shouldn’t the nature of the relationship be of utmost importance? My mom taught me at a young age that I know my body better than anyone else. So who am I to assert my knowing over someone else’s body?

So I learned to turn on and fine tune perceptual skills to help “hear” the body, to give attention to what’s going right and well and healthfully and amplify that, and also to listen deeply and compassionately and respectfully to what’s being held that is ready to be witnessed and unwind. I’ve noticed that these hands-on, deep listening techniques are far more powerful, impactful, and long-lasting, and serve to build more momentum for healing and growth in people’s lives when my clients are consciously and intentionally engaging with their own personal growth and healing processes.

Our bodies, our thoughts, our feelings, our relationships, really everything that happens in our lives is communicating to us about what is going on within our being. Our outer world and experiences illuminate what is hidden within. The Inherent Treatment Plan can actually be perceived in so many ways. What is going on in your life right now? What keeps happening over and over again? What feelings keep arising? What thoughts? What physical symptoms? Where are you ready for a shift? There is a message there, just under the surface of full conscious awareness, ready to transform in the light of non-judgmental, loving attention.

Enter the deep, powerful conversations I often get into with my clients and the reason we need 90 minutes for most sessions. We use the first 30.minutes to sync up on what is up for them before we start the hands on work in a way that is more coherent, connected, and focused. When the hands-on part is over, we take some more time to share what was noticed by each of us during our session. More often than not, big wisdom has come through the portal of stillness and deep listening we’ve opened together. There are new levels of awareness, new spaciousness, new perspectives, new resources. Things can continue to shift. Life moves powerfully forward.

Do you live in the Baltimore area? If you'd like to work with me, be in touch: email me at Call or text 240-997-5319. I look forward to hearing from you!

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