Birth Doula Care

for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and baby

​I bring a rich variety of tools and skills
to every birth, including:

  • hydration and nutritional support

  • herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, & essential oils

  • acupressure, massage, and craniosacral techniques

  • traditional Mexican midwifery rebozo techniques 

  • beneficial movements and positions

  • heat and cold therapy 

  • emergency skills

  • and most importantly, deep listening, calm, reverence, trust in you and your baby, and a great love for all the many layers of this natural, co-creative process.​


Birth Doula Package

$1200/hospital or birth center


  • A free interview 

  • Two in-person prenatal meetings, 

  • On-call availability beginning at 36 weeks

  • Continuous presence and support during labor, birth, and the first few hours afterwards

  • Support initiating breastfeeding

  • One post-partum home visit

  • Continued phone availability for two weeks after your birth

Mother and Baby

Private Childbirth Classes

$340 in my home office or

$400 in your home

Two 2 1/2 hour Classes cover the following topics, personalized to your family's needs and your plans for birth, complete with props, interactive discussions, and hands-on practice:

  • Normal birth psycho-physiology - the phases and signs, what it's all about, what it might be like for you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually

  • Optimal fetal positioning, for a smoother ride

  • Comfort measures and partner roles

  • Preparing for labor - practices and habits to cultivate during pregnancy

  • Troubleshooting, for when the ride is bumpy

  • Communicating with your care team, informed consent, options, risks, benefits, and more

  • Birth plans

  • Preparing for the unexpected 

  • Initiating breastfeeding

  • Postpartum healing and bonding

  • Newborn care

Choreography Class _edited_edited.jpg

Comprehensive Package - birth doula, childbirth class & bodywork



  • A free interview

  • Four prenatal meetings

  • Personalized, in-depth childbirth education for you and your partner

  • Two prenatal craniosacral therapy sessions 

  • On-call availability & back-up support

  • Devoted, informed, and compassionate labor and birth support for home, hospital, or birth center

  • Two postpartum home visits 

  • Two baby bodywork sessions

  • Continued availability by phone 

Proud Parents