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homebirth midwife baltimore

Midwifery Care

holistic, relationship-based care,
serving the Baltimore area and
Southern Pennsylvania

*practicing with a supervising midwife until certified and licensed*

Complete Prenatal Care

including lab work, in your home or my office

Labor and Birth

physiologic, empowering, safe, and sacred birth is my goal

Holistic Guidance

in nutrition, supplements, homeopathics, herbs, breastfeeding, movement, mindset & more

Complete Postpartum Care for You and Baby

for the first six weeks, including breastfeeding support and craniosacral therapy


as needed for ultrasounds, medical providers, and other holistic specialists

Body Work and Childbirth Education

are included for all of my midwifery clients at no extra cost

Fees for homebirth midwifery services: 

for Maryland clients $4800

for Pennsylvania residents $3800

for clients using Medicaid $3200

Please contact me for more details:


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